Institute Management System

ITMS is complete institute management software designed to automate an institute’s diverse operations from maintenance of student record, batches, labs to course calendar. Institutes in general suffer from day-to-day operational inefficiencies; this software is a solution to all such problems. It takes care of all the processes starting from student’s registration and continues even after the student has left the institute.

The system is built on strong.Net platform and is scalable to accommodate the future advancements in technology. The system has all the advanced features like user access control thus giving the flexibility to the administrator to grant access to different screens and processes to users on the basis of requirement.

Representative list of features are as follow:

  • Account Payment Favor: Used for creation of account. The user is allowed to create more than one account.
  • Advertisement Information: Used for creation of advertisement account
  • Area Information: Creation of area/locality
  • Batch Information: To feed the details like batch code, faculty, time slot etc.
  • Course Information: To feed the details like course code, name and duration
  • Counselor Information: To feed the detail viz. counselor name
  • Enquiry Information: To feed day-to-day enquiry
  • Faculty Information: To feed the details like faculty name, address, timing, salary etc. i.e. information relating to faculty.
  • Generate Statement & BR No.: To feed the bank receipt number. Those institutes who are into franchise agreement use this feature.
  • Student Material Issue: To feed the material that is to be issued to the student viz. books, bags, identity card etc.
  • Student Information: To feed the information of enquiries taking admissions. All the necessary information has to be fed.
  • Timing Slot: To feed the time slots. These time slots are later used in different forms and reports.

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